My Publications


  • The Inter-American Library School, as a Major Training facility for Latin America, Journal of Education for Librarianship , Spring 1966, Vol. 6, No. 4.
  • Brazil, Serial Publications (periodicals, monographs in series, documents) currently received in the University of Illinois Library, University of Illinois, 1966.
  • (with M. Solaún).   Sociología y Compromiso por Medio de la Violencea: Una Modalidad Latino-Americana de Cambio Político. Razón y Fábula, Bogotá, Colombia, No. 10, 1968, pp.
  • (with M. Solaún). Sociología de los Golpes de Estado Latino Americanos, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, 1969.
  • Individual Modernity and Lower-Class Fertility Behavior in a Developing Country: Guatemala; Test and Criticism of Population models, Methodologies and Policies, SAGE INTERNATIONAL, fall 1972.
  • Evaluation Report (statistical) of the IX Institute sponsored by the SUNY Faculty Senate Equal Education Committee, SUNY-Buffalo, summer 1978.
  • Genesee Finger Lakes Career Planning Guide 1980-81, Editorial Board, Rochester, New York.   

Manuel Salvador Alguero, PhD   

  • Additional publications authored by Manuel S. ALGUERO, issued by the State University of New York System: [1] SUNY Latino/a Student Organizations (1991-2000) [2] Facts and Figures – Hispanics and SUNY (1990 – 2000) [3] Survey Report on the Status of Hispanics in SUNY Campuses, 1991.
  • Collective Bargaining In a Multiversity – SUNY. Questionnaire. 1977. State University College at Brocport. [11p].


  • Professionals and Multiversities: The Case of SUNY. Analytical models and measuring procedures. 1977. 41p.Unpublished. [Includes review of the literature, a detail description of measuring procedures associated with the published questionnaire on collective bargaining – see above – and related multivariate analytical models].
  • Patterns of Unionization in Latin America: A Sociological Analysis. A research Proposal. Brockport, New York. 1974. Unpublished.
  • Dancing the Tambotiro; A sociological Study of Group Behavior. Fall 1967. [21p]. Unpublished.

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